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Building an idea takes time and there is hardly any time to waste.The clock is ticking, and yesterday on the lower Eastside of Santa Barbara, it exploded. The spontaneous combustion occurred with a vision that  began when Adkins was building houses in the 1950s. He was born into the WWII era, aware of stifling political climates and their resulting censorship. Adkins lived through the cultural turmoil by building things. Just a boy when Jackson Pollock and others were being identified in the narrow category of “Abstract Expressionism,” little “Bill Bones” was thinking of his future. Building a house and transforming a warehouse into his studio took several years. All of those years, while the framing was going up, Adkins was deconstructing the accepted rules of sculpture.

Something is being built today at 720 Haley Street, Bill Adkins is manifesting his imaginings. By a formidable force of nature and steady discipline, Adkins makes his own property an extension and expression of his art.​

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